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What if Obama's presidency is invalidated?

  1. Should it be proven that President Obama is not a naturally born citizen and he is ineligible to be President, what should happen?

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"Tell the truth about Obama's Citizenship!"

Whereas, the United States Constitution requires the President to be a natural born citizen,

Whereas, President Obama's has refused to provide sufficient evidence of his citizenship,

Whereas, the mainstream media has been negligent in investigating Obama status,

We, the undersigned, demand the following actions, as applicable:

1. President Obama provide a copy of his actual birth certificate (not his Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth), or resign immediately in order to give the proper President time to set up his administration.

2. The mainstream media restore the integrity of its profession by fully investigating Obama's citizenship.

3. The Supreme Court reconsider hearing Donofrio vs. Wells or Berg v. Obama, challenging Obama's citizenship and his constitutional qualifications to be President.

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